crazyedith said: Does your online printing company censor art? Will they print anything?

Unfortunately not, they have a policy about what we can and can’t print, including a clause about only allowing “artistic nudity”. I’ve have to deal with a few folks about that specific clause, including finding a customers design that they wanted to print that was straight up just some ladies spread leg camera phone nude.

banelord789 said: What's your life like?

Well, right now I’m working as a design consultant (customer service rep) for a large online custom printing company. Day to day its just answering live chats and emails of people who don’t know how to work a computer but want a shirt printed. Though recently me and my team lead have been developing a proposal to start offering graphic design services which would me actually working at a job that my degree actually applies to.

Other than that I pretty much do absolutely nothing except get absolutely plastered at my friends apartment every friday and then hide in my house on the computer the rest of the week. Such a fascinating life I lead.

isten23 said: Woah just read u got our of college I'm going to university and scared about the job market after since I haven't done intership and that's what most people tend to look after my major is cit what's your?

Yes, golly it’s been almost a year since I graduated at this point (oh god lets try not to think about that. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Dance (the most useful degree, I know). I was terrified about the job market as well, I had a bunch of friend who weren’t graduating due to how shit jobs were, but I couldn’t afford to keep paying tuition, so out into the real world I went.

I had a job set up at a summer camp for summer, but after that I have 2 going on 3 months of soul sucking job searching. Graphic design is a competitive field, and you’re expected to do it all; print design, web design, coding, user experience, blah, blah, blah. and like any job now-a-days, every job out there expects you to have two millennia of job experience in the field before you can even apply.

There isn’t really a lesson to this, except that finding a job takes work. Sometimes it’s easier than others, some people will have better opportunities than others. You just have to hit the pavement and go, apply everywhere, even if they expect more experience than you have, as long as you feel you’re qualified based on what they’re asking give it a try.

And then eventually you’ll end up in a customer service job that vaguely has to do with your degree. 

I lied, that’s the lesson: when the dust settles, it’ll always be customer service.

Selfie sunday? Selfie Sunday. I promise this won’t be a regular thing. Send me some asks tho 

Selfie sunday? Selfie Sunday. I promise this won’t be a regular thing. Send me some asks tho 


But no really, I’m sorry, I really am. I got super duper lazy with this blog and I apologize. I really want to get this blog back up and running and make it more of a community, I’d really like to take more submissions if you have them (Please submit gifs, I love submitted gifs just keep them below 1 MB) and maybe start something like a caption contest where I post a gif and people try to come up with the best caption for it. Anyways, thanks for the asks during my disappearance, they meant a lot to me. Find out more about my relatively boring hiatus under the cut

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<3 you guys

like legit guys really? Where the fuck are you awesome people coming from?

Really didn’t expect this when I made this blog, really psyched I could share my lulzworthy shit with you. I dig getting your asks and stuff, makes me super happy, I’d answer more publicly, but most are just positive comments that I like to save. Thanks to everyone!


Okay guys, I’m super super sorry I haven’t been posting. The fact of the matter is, right now I am working a full time job and taking two labor intensive online classes over the summer, so this blog has fallen by the wayside. I just have a hard time finding the time to both search for new gifs and then size them down to fit tumblr’s stupid 1 mb .gif rule. I will try my best to find time, but the truth is you may not see a lot of new .gifs from me until August.

Now there is something you can do to help. I loooovvvvee submitions! If you find a .gif that fits the blog, feel free to submit! The only stipulation is make sure it is under one MB! You can size them down or just make sure they’re already under that size. I have a few .gif stagnating in my ask box because they’re too big for me to post and they don’t work right so I can’t size them down myself. 

That’s all for now. I guess if you want you could also send me asks regarding JAVs and hentai if you want, or asks in general. I dig asks.